Fresh Graduate Chemical Engineer

This website is my own personal account of my work as a chemical engineer, as well as a collection of my achievements, speeches and opinions.

I hope you will find my website an interesting read an insight into projects I have completed. Enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think in the comment sections scattered about the site.

Who is Kevin Fajri?

Kevin Fajri is Indonesian people. He was born in Jakarta since 27 February 1996. Recently, Kevin Fajri is junior (fresh graduate) chemical engineer. He has bachelor degree of chemical engineering from University of Brawijaya with GPA 3.71 of 4.00, first class honor.

Work and Organizations Experiences

When he was in a college, he was active in several organizations such as student press organization, student union, and executive student organization. He also was invited to be a moderator in some events, to be writing trainer, and leadership trainer.

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